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Company Formation, Annual CIPC Return, BEE Certification

"Brand Cartel has been growing rapidly over the last 8 months, this is thanks- in no small part- to the extremely professional and " go-the-extra-mile" service we have received from Backbone Consulting. Backbone has allowed us to focus on what we're good at and grow as an agency while they take care of our bookkeeping, compliance, tax and credit control. Thanks and keep it up!"

Dillon Warren




Backbone is a leading Financial Managed Services (FMS) provider offering an end to end solution to small to medium sized clients who wish to outsource their finance functions. Our experienced and dynamic team add significant value to clients with a combination of efficient administration of their finance back office and professional financial insight to the business owners and management teams.



Optimise your sales process… In many businesses, a contractual relationship is established first via a Contract or Subscription. Orders are then received via different sales channels, such as phone, email, internet or a sales person. The contractual relationship is confirmed and the Orders are fulfilled through shipping, logistics or delivery of service. On completion of key events an invoice is generated and booked as Sales. If payment has not already been received, the debt is recorded and pursued through various cycles until the funds are received.

Backbone streamlines your order to cash process by ensuring the following processes are managed and delivered to your requirements.

 Customer presence
 Order entry (creation of order / booking of order)
 Order fulfillment
 Invoicing and then
 Customer collection

From purchase order to payment, the Backbone support team allows you to control
purchases and payment of your suppliers.

Backbone streamlines your procure to pay process by ensuring the following processes are managed and delivered to your requirements.

 Raising supplier purchase orders in line with approved quotes
 Purchase order fulfillment
 Matching and recording supplier invoices in line with approved purchase orders
 Supplier remittance and reconciliations
 Supplier payments

The Backbone brand helps business owners to understand profitability, cost of capital and cash flow through monthly financial reporting options.

A subset to our capability is preparing and compiling financial statements for our clients. In most cases small and medium sized business don’t have the man power, time or inclination to prepare its own financial statements.


Backbone provides a hassle free tax authentication and registration process of your
business with SARS.

Backbone continually reviews your tax positions to ensure you maximise all the SARS
available tax benefits.

Following on from the annual tax review process, Backbone ensures your Income Tax
compliance through timely submission of your provisional and annual income tax returns.

Do you wish to be VAT registered ? or has your company reached its annual threshold for VAT registration of R 1 million. Our compliance team specializes in ensuring a seamless VAT registration process.

Managing your VAT process can be complex. Backbone ensures your required VAT process is managed and that you remain compliant.

We provide a hassle free PAYE / SDL / UIF registration service for those company’s wishing
to employ staff.

Our tax team in conjunction with the payroll team ensure your PAYE, SDL, UIF submissions are performed monthly and that your business remains compliant and up to date at all times.


Our legal partner network can not only assist you to form your new business venture, but
can also provide you with legal advice and support to move your business forward.

Are your company statutory details correct and current ? Our team can assist you with company director changes, Memorandum of Incorporation changes, Registered postal and physical address changes.

We ensure your company’s act compliance by making you’re your annual return is
submitted and filed with CIPC.

Through our partner network, we assist our clients in understanding and implementing BBBEE,
identifying potential BBBEE
initiatives and implementing BBBEE
strategies which
best suite your needs. id ligula.

Many business under estimate the critical role that a well run and efficient payroll service
provides. Payroll and payroll tax considerably affect the net income of most companies as
they affect employees and are also subject to laws and regulations.
Backbone’s primary mission of the payroll department is to ensure that all employees are
paid accurately and timely with the correct deductions, and that the withholdings and
deductions are remitted in a timely manner. This includes salary payments, tax
withholdings, and deductions from payments.


Let our company assess your business and handle all your tax and accounting registrations.